This Technical Manual works on SO many levels, it’s amazing.

Yes, it’s technical. Yes, it’s structured. I am also using pattern and trance-like language all the way through it, as a way to SHOW you how things are done! It’s also set up so that a lot of the language is geared to EFFECT YOU and to help PROGRAM YOU for full learning and understanding as well. (A very knowledgeable colleague of mine said “this thing sounds like a technical journal but it’s also a 7 hour set of walking trance inductions too”, meaning it not only addresses your conscious mind, but programs your subconscious mind as well!).

I also make EXTENSIVE use of symbols and symbology in this product. I don’t expect anyone to learn every detail and every concept verbatim. That’s not the point. But what we do is INSTALL this in your head, into a structure, that WE build there, together (you and I). And we use certain symbols to do that (one for each major section of the product). This helps for you to assimilate the info, store it, and recall it later on!

So there IS a lot happening in this product.

What actually comes with the Technical Manual?

The product is built around a series of audio lectures. There are OVER 7 HOURS OF LECTURES which have been digitally edited and mastered so that they are easy to listen to in a variety of environments (you will NOT be thinking “what did he say there, I didn’t hear that part…”). The lectures are each broken into small tracks so that you can quickly and easily find your place! NOTE: The audio was originally provided on CDs but it is now sent to you as a series of digital files that can play on your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

In addition to the 7+ hours of lectures, there is a 155 page Transcript/Workbook! Yes, you read that right-ALL OF THE LECTURES HAVE BEEN FULLY TRANSCRIBED! And the transcriptions are track-referenced to the audio files, so that you can quickly find where you are and what section of the transcript it refers to. NOTE: The Transcript/Workbook is provided to you as an electronic file (PDF) that can be viewed on a computer, smart phone, or tablet. You can even print it to hardcopy if you would like.

The workbook also contains exercises that YOU do, and also has parts of it where YOU must fill in certain things, and do certain things. For example YOU must “build” the symbols” for yourself, as a way to (again) provide a structure for your learning and understanding.

So, that’s over 7 hours of lectures. A full 155 page Transcript/Workbook, complete with exercises and fully cross-referenced to/from the lectures. Wow!

But wait (you knew this was coming …) THERE’S MORE!!!!!

I know that whenever I have listened to or studied any product like this, I may have really liked it but I almost always thought “wow, I wish now that I have listened to this and studied it, I would LOVE to sit with the author and have a Q and A session to ask what I would like to ask, discuss what I would like to discuss, and really get a few points clarified for myself”.

So …… (no the bonus is NOT a visit from me to each customers’ house to answer questions …)

I have included a BONUS lecture which is a full Q and A session with Dave Riker (me!).

What I did was, when the lectures were complete, I gave these to a group of guys in my area. They each listened to ALL of them. (Some guys went through all of them twice!) Then we all got into a room, and we turned on the microphones, and they got to ask me whatever they wanted! This Q and A session went WELL over an hour (we had a great time doing it), and we have placed a good portion of this into an extra lecture, so that YOU get to hear what we talked about! Its like having YOUR own Q and A session with me!