Digital Marketer Lab – All Access Bundle (April 2020)

Digital Marketer Lab – All Access Bundle (April 2020)

Marketing Is Complicated. Lab Makes It Easy.
M Lab is a Membership Community of Over 10,000 Marketers and Founders, Plus All the Checklists, Templates, and Trainings You Need To GET MARKETING DONE.

What You Get:
36 Marketing “Playbooks” That GET STUFF DONE
36 (and counting) actionable, step-by-step checklists that produce specific results and allow you to understand and implement complex marketing tactics with ease and speed. Including:

  • Facebook Ads Playbook
    How to leverage Facebook to quickly (and cheaply) launch, test and scale your traffic campaigns
  • Google Ads Playbook
    How to set up a Google Ads account and launch a new Search Campaign-budget, bidding, and all
  • Email Follow-Up Campaign Playbook
    Plan and create a follow-up campaign to help you win back customers and increase overall engagement
  • Editorial Calendar Playbook
    Create an editorial calendar that will streamline your content creation and maximizethe amount you’re able to crank out on a regular basis.
  • Landing Page Builder Playbook
    Learn the 15 key elements every successful landing page needs and build out a page that is ready to generate email opt-ins and sales for your business.
  • Promo Calendar Playbook
    Build a promotional calendar that roadmaps your customer communication to keep it consistent across all channels and media.
  • Product Launch Playbook
    How to from nothing to launching a new product-and getting your first customer
  • Funnel Builder Playbook
    Build and launch a marketing funnel that drives leads and conversions and gets your customers to keep coming back
  • Email List Builder Playbook
    The roadmap that will take you through every deliverable you need to build out a funnel to attract new leads and email subscribers.
  • 1-Minute Facebook Video Ad Playbook
    The 5-step roadmap to create a 1-minute video that turns ice-cold prospects into buyers and promoters of your business.
  • Blog Content Engine Playbook
    A duplicatable system to crank out share-worthy, clickable blog content that gets traffic & converts that traffic into sales
  • Customer Avatar Playbook
    Learn what a customer avatar is and the steps to create it so you can finally get clear on who you’re selling to and craft a tailored message for your audience.
  • Lead Magnet Builder Playbook
    How to create a Lead Magnet that will provides value and drive a steady stream of leads to your business
  • Homepage Builder Playbook
    How to create, and audit, a custom homepage that is sure to dazzle your customers-without being a designer

PLUS 22 MORE PLAYBOOKS (with new ones added every month)

  • 11 Marketing Courses & Certifications PLUS ALL Updates & New Trainings
    These 8 core marketing certifications and 3 elective cover essential marketing diciplines like copywriting, paid media, marketing strategy, content, and more.
  • Copywriting Mastery
    Get our step-by-step plan for crafting persuasive copy that flat-out sells and get certified as a Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist.
  • Paid Traffic Mastery
    Get our PROVEN plan for guaranteed traffic and a system for acquiring new customers. Plus get certified as a Customer Acquisition Specialist.
  • Content Marketing Mastery
    Get our step-by-step plan for turning content into free, organic traffic and get certified as a Content Marketing Specialist.
  • Email Marketing Mastery
    Get our step-by-step plan for using advanced email marketing strategies to massively monetize any email list and get certified as an Email Marketing Specialist.
  • Search Marketing Mastery
    Get our step-by-step plan for generating free organic traffic and get certified as a Search Marketing Specialist.
  • Conversion Funnel Mastery
    Get access to our proprietary customer getting strategy and get certified as a Customer Value Optimization Specialist.
  • Social Media Mastery
    Get our step-by-step plan for tracking, measuring and (more importantly) monetizing social media and get certified as a Social Media Manager.
  • Optimization & Testing Mastery
    Get a crash course in other valuable optimization methods that “move the needle” and get certified as an Optimization & Testing Specialist.
  • Data & Analytics Mastery
    Get our step-by-step plan for building a powerful analytics dashboard and get certified as an Analytics & Data Specialist.
  • Community Management Mastery
    Get a proven strategy for creating and growing a thriving online community that impacts your business’ bottom line and get certified as a Community Management Specialist.
  • Ecommerce Marketing Mastery
    Get our step-by-step process to make more sales & profit from your ecommerce store and get certified as an Ecommerce Marketing Specialist.

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