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Healing & Uniting Humanity Through Ancient Wisdom
From anxiety and illness, to lack, loneliness and aimlessness – did you know that every challenge we face in the modern world can be solved with the knowledge of past generations?
At Project: Yourself, we believe ancient wisdom has the power to heal and unite humanity. And that if more people harnessed tools like energy healing, meditation, yoga, sacred geometry, and Ayurveda – the world would be a far better place!
Our mission is to bring ancient wisdom back to the forefront of modern civilization. We do this in a variety of ways, including:

  • Conscious Curations
    We travel the world and curate consciously made items infused with ancient wisdom – like wearables, crystals and semi-precious stones, home decor, and more. Each item is then blessed with healing Reiki energy by Buddhist monks.
  • Transformational Training
    We produce online training programs designed to awaken your reality-bending abilities, amplify your abundance, and awaken the greatest version of yourself.

Project: Yourself was founded in 2012 by Amish Shah: an entrepreneur and spiritual explorer whose life purpose is to awaken humanity’s infinite potential.

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