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Outsource Kingpin is a 7 module comprehensive training course.
You will learn how to find, hire, train, and manage outsources that will help you grow and scale your business.

  1. Overview
    We want you to get started quickly and confidently. We’ve included a section just for you to get you up to speed and let you know exactly what we’ll be covering – and why!
    This section will prepare you to get the information in the coming sections and start putting it to use fast.
    To The Point​- Get started fast.
    When To Start – Find out when and WHY you should be outsourcing.
    Resources​- Tons of resources to get your outsourcing work accomplished fast.
  2. Updates
    Updates? Yes – MasteryPR keeps this training up to date. As changes come, we find solutions and share exactly what needs to be done to stay on top.
    Whether it’s the tools we use, the exact steps we take, or something else – when there’s a change you’ll be given details fast.
    Fast Turn Around – As changes to the processes occur, we’ll add content to help you stay on top – fast.
    Single Location​- Easily find updated information and revisions.
  3. Hiring Funnel
    Find out why hiring funnels are a MUST HAVE and how you can implement this amazing tool to easily find the best outsourcers for your business.
    This single module is worth the entire course alone – knowing this information will place you light years ahead of others and allow you to quickly hire a skilled outsourcer…or 10!
    Detailed Outline – Exact steps need to replicate our funnel steps.
    Over The Shoulder​- See exactly how it works…and why! Then implement yourself.
  4. Interviewing
    Find out how you should be conducting the interview with the outsourcers from your hiring funnel.
    Learn automation steps to help you speed up presenting job offers, sending rejection emails, and more.
    Save Time – Speed up the interview process at all points to find the best candidates
    Get The Best Outsourcers​- Learn how you should be onboarding your newly hired outsources to get the most bang for your buck.
  5. Training
    Take our working procedures and processes so that you don’t have to spend hours and hours crafting your own. Your processes will make or break your business so we provide top notch processes done for you.
    Using these processes (included) you can train your outsources for nearly ANY TASK you need done.
    Best Practices – How to train your outsourcers effectively and quickly.
    Ensuring Output – How to monitor progress through the entire process
    Staying The Course​- Find out how to effectively guide your new outsources and ensure success.
  6. Managing
    Keeping your outsourcing team full functional and performing doesn’t have to be time consuming or a hassle.
    We’ll show you exactly how you can manage a good team and make them great – rewarding you with a better business!
    Best practices – Learn how to best manage your outsourcing team.
    Promotions – See how to promote from within to use trained leaders to accomplish even more while saving even more of YOUR TIME.
  7. Scaling
    With a team in place you can now scale the process. At this phase your business can experience huge growth!
    Scaling Process – How to take your current processes and grow fast.
    Creating Managers – Learn how to take your outsources and create project managers and team leaders who will take your previous role…meaning you can work ON your business.
    And So Much More…

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