[Free Download] How To Clean Up Audio Files Effectively & Quickly In Minutes

Video Newbies: Follow my audacity tips to clean up audio tracks after filming. Saves Time. Focus on the essentials.

What Will I Learn?
EDIT clean audio tracks that get approved by Udemy review team
FOCUS on the essentials to clean up the audio tracks
USE Audacity to remove all the background noises effectively
KNOW how to do the settings for the different features
GET rid of the annoying breathing sounds
SOFTEN the β€˜p’ sounds
EFFECTIVELY remove all the clicks & pops at one go
CREATE clean audio tracks for students to have a good experience in the learning process
record videos
Online Instructors Newbies: Learn this Awesome Audio Editing SKILL to create high quality videos online!
When I was creating this course for my students who are starting out to teach online, it reminds me of a classic picture of a grandmother passing on her cooking skills to her grandchildren – something that the kids cannot learn from books or TV because they are β€˜family secrets’ passed on with each steps shown all the way. This is exactly what I am doing in this course.

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