[Free Download] Igor Ledochowski – Master Hypnotic Storyteller

What you get is:

  • 8 DVDs of step-by-step instruction: Watch as Robin and I teach you the nuances of hypnotic storytelling. You will absorb all of the critical strategies and techniques to using stories for hypnotic influence in any situation.
  • Hypnotic storytelling exercises: Each DVD session contains a number of exercises to help develop your ability to tell stories. In addition, the exercises show you how to come up with stories that allow hypnosis to happen naturally. As you practice the fun assignments, the skills naturally become part of your core psyche.
  • CD with complete transcripts: Every word of each DVD session is available for you to read in the PDF that comes with the course. Exposing yourself to the videos… practicing the exercises… and… reinforcing each session by reading the transcripts gives you the ultimate advantage to becoming a master of hypnotic storytelling.

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