[Free Download] Ryan Levesque – The Quiz Funnel Masterclass

The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass is a 6-Week step-by-step training taking you through the entire process of creating your QUIZ Funnel from start to finish
Its based on our 5,000 Live In-Person QUIZ Funnel Bootcamp that’s done over 1M in revenue over the past 12 months That we are bringing online for the FIRST TIME.
Whether you’ve had success with quizzes in the past You’ve struggled with quizzes Or you’re a complete beginner starting completely from scratch, beginning with

The CORE 6-Week QUIZ Funnel Training

  • LESSON 1: Your Quiz Hook
    In this module, were going to come up with your hook and test that hook together. Well also cover:
  • LESSON 2: Your Quiz Offer
    In this module, were going to talk about how to create an irresistible offer on the back of your quiz funnel. Well also cover:
  • LESSON 3: Your Quiz Questions
    In this module, well cover how to come up with the right questions to both DIAGNOSE a persons situation and simultaneously create DEMAND for your product or service. Well also cover:
  • LESSON 4: Your Quiz Pages
    In this module, well cover ALL the pages you need to set up your QUIZ Funnel, including
  • LESSON 5: Your Quiz Followup
    In this module, well cover what happens AFTER your QUIZ, including the entire email follow-up sequence designed to funnel an email lead into becoming a paying customer
  • LESSON 6: Optimizing & Scaling
    In this module, well cover what happens AFTER you launch your quiz to take it to the next level

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