Helping Your Church Live Stream 2.0

Helping Your Church Live Stream 2.0

Helping Your Church Live Stream 2.0

How to live stream church services… work with volunteers.. and successfully launch your congregations online presence


  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to install computer programs
  • Access to a live streaming account (Facebook or YouTube)


Live streaming in your house of worship is likely already on your mind. You’re probably wondering if it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. There may be quite a few reasons your thoughts are leading you towards broadcasting your services. Do you need to create a platform for those that can’t attend your service to participate? Is there a group of students away at school who want to stay involved? Do you need to provide a stream for an overflow space? Or maybe you just want to show your congregation and the world that you are progressive and embrace the demand for technology integration in the world. For any of these reasons and more, there’s a solution.

Other common reasons for live streaming in places of worship:

  • Using your live streams to advertise your church
  • Streaming as a paid service addition for weddings, baptisms, or funerals, so distant family members can be included in the moment
  • Embed link for donations directly into live streaming so those that cannot attend the service can still provide donations

About Me:

  1. Over 20+ Live Streaming Courses (ability to give you a great overview of the entire industry)
  2. Over 35,000+ students!
  3. Over 50+ 5 Star Reviews!

Who this course is for:

  • Pastors of church
  • Church Volunteers
  • Multi-Media Co-Ordinators
  • AV Production Teams

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