How to Paint Watercolor Landscapes with Colin Bradley

How to Paint Watercolor Landscapes with Colin Bradley

How to Paint Watercolor Landscapes with Colin Bradley

Learn how to paint using Watercolor techniques for amazing detail and realism with Colin Bradley. Totally New Approach!


  • Watercolor Paper (I use smooth watercolor paper which is available on our store).
  • Variety of Brushes (optional very fine brushes such as 0, 00 and even 000 which I use from time to time.)
  • Watercolor Paints (I use Winsor and Newton Cotman watercolour pans and palette but you can use any you like)
  • Hardboard backing board (for taping your work to)
  • Brown sticky tape!
  • Kitchen roll
  • Water container
  • Graphite pencils & sharpener – optional if drawing free hand


When I first started using Watercolour in 1980 I was inspired to copy the great artists such as Constable, Quinton and others. I couldn’t get on with oil or acrylic so turned my hand at watercolour.

As I had never gone to art school I just went with my instincts and had fun!

Because I tried to copy the great artists, the techniques I developed were completely unique and unlike any other watercolour pictures I saw.

I remained self taught, learnt as I went along and what you’ll see in this course is a result of years of learning through mistakes and finding what worked.

You’ll also see techniques never before attempted with watercolour (as far as I know). My watercolour pictures, even though they’re “impressionistic”, have a sense of realism about them.

In this course I’ll give you an outline drawing so that you can print this straight to watercolour paper or trace it using a carbon. I’ll also show you the materials I use in my watercolour work.

Then we’ll get started with the paintings which are split into “easy to digest” parts.

In this course you’ll learn to paint a sky, water, trees, buildings and more.

I hope you enjoy learning my watercolour techniques, once you are finished, please do share your artwork via the Q & A section or message us using Udemy’s messaging tools.

Who this course is for:

  • Students wishing to try a new approach to watercolor
  • Artists coming from other mediums wishing to learn watercolor techniques

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