Introduction to Practical Healing

Introduction to Practical Healing

Introduction to Practical Healing

Learn how to use your mind to heal your life


  • There are no materials needed to take this course
  • Students are required to have an open mind and belief system


Nicholas Harris is a therapist exploring the power of consciousness for personal healing. Nick’s philosophy views life as a reflection of the mind.

Viewing healing as a journey toward wholeness, he teaches a fresh perspective on how to relate to emotions, integrate life lessons and evolve.

In this free course, Nick presents an integrated philosophy for personal growth. Students are guided on the journey towards peace.

Course contents

  • 45 minutes of video
  • 22 minutes of hypnosis content (audio)

Who this course is for:

  • This course is appropriate for people with an interest in personal growth
  • This course does not pertain to provide an “ultimate truth”.
  • This course presents a new way to relate to life and emotions.

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