Jessica Higdon – 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula

Jessica Higdon – 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula

We’ll meet for a series of intimate webinars, where I’ll coach you step-by-step in the 4 pillars of successful social media recruiting. Here’s what you’ll discover in each module…

Module 1: Profile positioning and branding secrets.

Connect with someone new on social media and they rush to check out your profile.

But here’s the big question…

Is yours set up properly to ATTRACT your perfect prospect or unknowingly REPEL them?

In this first module, I’ll show you how to set up your profile right. So prospects are intrigued and excited to get to know you.

Taking these simple steps will make it impossible for you to lose any more easy money!

(Exciting News! As a special bonus, all of the modules have already been recorded and are available to you immediately after you enroll! I’m serious about getting you results fast!)

Module 2: Locating and attracting your IDEAL prospects.

When you’re looking through profiles on social media sites, do you know how to quickly find your ideal client or prospect? If not, I’m going to show you how to find those “perfect fit” people online fast!

It’s time to STOP wasting precious hours talking to negative people with NO interest in you or your business. I’ll show you how easy it is to start laser targeting the RIGHT open-minded people!

This step alone will save you untold time and hassle. And when a “perfect fit” new recruit needs to build their business around a busy schedule… no problem!

Just share my time-friendly recruiting formula… and you’re on your way to passive income.

Module 3: How to turn cold leads into warm leads.

How does a cold online lead turn into a hot prospect dying to learn more about your business?

Easily, that’s how!

And you’re about to know all the secrets.

Have a pen and paper handy, because I’m sharing the exact questions I ask that get people to open up and start talking themselves into joining your business!

Module 4: Secrets to becoming a social media “closer.”

You can talk to LOTS of people on social media… but if you don’t know how to close them into your business, it’s just one huge waste of time.

But I say… let’s not waste a second!

I’ll show you how to easily and efficiently bring new people into your business… and without having to deal with a thousand objections first!

Closing is the life-blood of your business and the fuel for your dreams…

That’s why everyone will leave this webinar an unstoppable social media closer!

Please request to access.

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