Peter Schultz – The Winning Secret Training

Peter Schultz – The Winning Secret Training

The Winning Secret is a conservative, but highly effective options strategy that only a small number of traders realize exists—and of those that do even fewer actually trade it. The reason is simple and has to do with basic human nature–most people would rather buy a lottery ticket than sell the tickets. And yet it’s the ticket sellers that seem to make all the money (just ask any State government that sponsors a lottery).

If you like the idea of trading the safer side of options to generate some surprisingly generous monthly cashflow–then this is your strategy.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • This strategy has been averaging 5% or more every two weeks with a risk profile that is safer than the conventional “buy and hold” stock investing that brokers have traditionally recommended for their most conservative clients.
  • This level of return is 2 times greater than the average yield of the SP-500 for a YEAR—yet this strategy typically brings in that rate of return approximately EVERY TWO WEEKS!
  • That means The Winning Secret is 52 times more profitable than typical dividend investing–and a simple options probability calculator tells us it’s 9 times safer than conventional options buying strategies. If those numbers hold true it means you could conceivably compress fifty-two years of average income investing into just one–that’s a lifetime of successful investing returns compressed into just one year!
  • If you’ve been trying to play ‘catch-up’ with your retirment plan this strategy could be the answer to your prayers.

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