Derek Rake – Cougar Seduction System

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OK, before anything, here’s something that I must let you know, so pay close attention.
Out of the 128 beta testers who had volunteered to test out CougarSeduction™, not everyone was happy with the program. In fact, there were three (3) participants who had PULLED OUT from the group on DAY ONE after going through the program one time.
When asked why, these were the answers –
“Seems to be very manipulative.”
“I thought the Dark Rake Method was evil enough, but this was downright sinister.”
“I’ve got three sisters. I can’t do this without thinking that some guy may be doing the same to them, sorry.“
Since you’re already familiar with Derek Rake’s programs, you understand that our stuff is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry.
Dating and relationships can be brutal and totally unforgiving, and because of this, we like to push the envelopeso that our clients get the best tools and techniques in the world, bar none.
We can’t please everybody, especially those who are too pussy to use these military-grade mind control hacks to dominate women. CougarSeduction™ is pretty hardcore, and I make no apologies for it.