Tenor Banjo for Absolute Beginners

Tenor Banjo for Absolute Beginners

Tenor Banjo for Absolute Beginners

A simple guide to get you started on the road to playing the 4-string Banjo, no musical knowledge needed


  • You will need a Tenor Banjo (4 strings) tuned EADG, a plectrum, desire to learn


Learn how to play the Tenor Banjo (EADG tuning*) through Irish tunes. You will learn how to play a Polka, a Jig and a Reel.

Follow instructional videos complete with Tablature (TAB) showing you exactly where to place your fingers. The TAB can be downloaded so you can study it separately from the videos.

There is also audio of the full tunes so that you can download and listen to them to help facilitate learning.

This course is designed to take an absolute beginner, get them started and playing tunes within a few weeks.

*EADG tuning is typically used in Ireland and may require strings that are made for that tuning. Brands such as Dunlop and D’Addario produce strings for Irish tuning. It is worth keeping in mind that American banjos are usually tuned to a higher pitch.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to play the Tenor Banjo. No previous experience necessary, although if you have ever played another string instrument (guitar, violin) this will stand to you

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